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Shane and Shane



"We have worked with CV for years and are always impressed with there creativity....but more than that, they have a passion for people to know and experience Jesus!"

Dan Brown



"Clear Vision is a cutting edge, highly talented, Jesus focused foursome whose dramatic passion is evident the moment they hit the stage. LIFT Ministries has partnered with Clear Vision for more than a decade.  Without fail their impact on the kingdom has been immeasurable."

Tony Nolan -Touring Pastor/preacher/Author


"Surf the net or TV, and it won't take long for you to discover the story of God is blurred, obscure and incorrect. Clear Vision Drama Company are the avengers against such tyranny! Truth is their weapon , shot through intelligent, entertaining, humorous biblically solid drama. Once their done, the truth is clear!"

Greg Stier



"Clear Vision Drama delivers. They travelled with Dare 2 Share for an entire tour and did an outstanding job in the dramatic and humorous sketches. Book them for your event and you won't be disappointed."


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Brock Gill -Illusionist



"I have known CVDC for many years and have worked with them several times in the past. They always bring a professional quality to the stage with their dramas. Their comedies are hilarious,their dramas captivate, and their heart for The Lord is evident! CVDC will be a great asset to your event."

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