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     If the words cutting edge, relevant, theologically sound, ministry minded, creative, passionate, funny, dramatic, are some of the adjectives you are looking for in a group, then look no further. Clear Vision Drama Company is the answer to your Google search. We are your Christian Drama Team!
     Clear Vision travels all over the nation using drama as a powerful tool for evangelism as well as discipleship. Clear Vision utilizes original material through various means of communication, from the lighter side with their hilarious, spiritually-applied comedy, to their hard hitting drama. Clear Vision also uses original multi-media and travels with a full scale lighting system that brings these dramas to life!
     Clear Vision can tailor their dramas to be used for any kind of event. In this visually stimulated society, this is the perfect form of communication to speak Biblical truths to a media-driven culture.


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What Is Clear Vision Drama Company?

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